It is now somewhat over one year since Celebrating Grandmothers was published, so it feels a good time to reflect on it.  This blog is intended for me to write about the book and my efforts to publicise it.  I have written a number of guest blogs and I might put them here, too.

In Celebrating Grandmothers, I provide space for 27 women of very different backgrounds and circumstances to talk about how they feel about being grandmother.  They discuss their love for their grandchildren, how they worry about them, how relationships change when you are a grandmother and how being a grandmother affects the way they see themselves.  And much more.

Being a grandmother is incredibly fulfilling.  I love being a grandmother and I love writing books – the two seemed made for each other.  But I don’t like writing about myself, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to let other grandmothers do the talking.  I am delighted with what they had to say.

Grandmothers are too little celebrated.  They are ‘hidden in plain sight’ as part of the background of the main show.  Many think of them as just dull older women, although we know better.  This lack of attention will probably change as women of the ‘baby boomer’ generation find themselves grandmothers.  There are already a lot of books and movies centring on older people and some advice books for grandmothers. I am sure that these will grow considerably in the coming  years.  There is a lot to talk about and, well, celebrate.

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